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Remote Deposit Capture

By UBank
Monday, August 03, 2020

Remote Deposit Capture

What is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote deposit capture (RDC) allows customers to scan checks and make bank deposits remotely. RDC streamlines the deposit process, cuts costs for financial institutions and enables banks to attract new customers. Remote deposit capture works by digitally scanning paper checks and uploading an image of the check to the customer’s bank. The images used to upload checks must meet certain requirements. For example, they can’t be blurry, cannot exceed a certain file size and must have a minimum number of dots per inch (DPI).

RDC For Business Banking

Do you collect rent checks? 
Want to deposit 100+ checks in minutes?

Most RDC customers are businesses that are looking to reduce the cost of transporting deposits to their bank and access the funds quicker. While the funds from paper checks are generally available within five business days of the deposit, the funds from RDC checks are often available within one to two business days.

RDC machines will streamline your cash flow for three key reasons:

  1. Save yourself the time and hassle of taking paper checks to a financial center or ATM
  2. Enjoy simplicity and security with the convenience of Online Banking
  3. Benefit from later deposit cutoff times

Think your business could benefit from RDC technology?

Our Treasury Management Officer, Brandon Bozeman, would love to talk to you about setting RDC up as a part of your UBank business suite. 

Contact Brandon: bbozeman@u.bank, (936) 633-5199

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