Business online & Mobile suite

Empowering Your Business with Online and Mobile Banking Solutions

Take care of business from anywhere.

Online and mobile banking provide a seamless UBank experience whether you’re at home or on the go.
With cutting-edge technology, you can easily and securely access your accounts from anywhere.


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  • Access Your Funds 24/7
  • Pay Bills & Transfer Money
    Pay employees or vendors by setting up recurring payments or one-time transfers as needed.
  • Tranfer Money (Between Accounts, or To Other People)
  • Review Statements Anytime
  • Opt-In to Text & Email Alerts
  • Sign Up for eStatements
  • Secure, Multi-Factor Identification

For help using our Business Online Banking Suite, call (936) 639-5566 to speak with our customer service team. 


UBank mobile app login screen

Visit the app store and download UBank mobile for iOS or Android today!

Apple App Store UBank App Link Google Play Store UBank App Link

Pay Employees & Make Transfers

It's doesn't get much easier than that. 

  • Make transfers in seconds. 
  • Pay employee or vendors on-the-go.
  • Turn on INSTANT BALANCE to view balances in the app homescreen without even logging in.

mobile capture

Deposit checks in seconds by taking a photo through the UBank app.

Touch & Face ID

Get the highest level of security by enabling Touch or Face ID on your smart phone. 


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Card Valet doesn't require any upkeep!

Once you set your alert preferences, Card Valet is completely hands-off.

It protects you from fraud with notifications, but other than that, it's out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

  • On/Off Settings
    Use your phone to disable a lost or stolen debit card at any time.
  • Transaction Alerts
    Establish spending limits to allow or decline transactions when amounts exceed pre-defined thresholds.
  • Location Alerts
    Restrict transactions to merchants located in a specific range, and activity outside the range will be denied.
  • Merchant Alerts
    Get notifications about specific purchases such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants and groceries.
  • Touch & Face ID Security
    Enable biometric security on your smart phone to make logging in quicker and more secure.

Ready to protect your debit card?

Visit the app store to download Card Valet today!

Apple App Store CardValet Link Google Play Store CardValet Link

This is banking made for you!