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Our goal is to be the best bank to work for in Texas, and that starts with training, motivating, and equipping our people to succeed at UBank, and beyond. 

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Empowering Employees

At UBank, we want to foster professional growth at all levels, not just upper management. We believe in empowering employees to make decisions, ask for help, and become problem-solvers.

Team-First Mentality

At UBank, you're never alone. Our goal is to build strong, efficient teams that are always pushing each other to the next level of growth. We love our co-workers and enjoy growing alongside them. 

Competitive Benefits

We have great respect for our employees and value the amazing work they do, which is why we offer competitive benefits. We're committing to building and retaining an awesome team! 

vibrant company culture

At UBank, we've worked hard to build a thriving, vibrant company culture that we love to be a part of. A healthy, growing business starts with an internal team that lifts each other up and enjoys working for UBank!

our core values


Common Sense

Practical, no-nonsense banking.
We’re here for YOU, end of story.

We are committed to common-sense banking , which means that we’re taking a practical, no-nonsense approach to solving your problems. This is the main difference between UBank and bigger banks - we’re here for YOU, end of story.



Clear, timely communication.
We fight for YOU, every day.

You’ll always know what to expect when you bank with us. We pride ourselves on clear, consistent communication that leaves nothing up to interpretation. And you’ll always have the phone number of your banker so you can call them anytime.



High-tech, user-friendly products that make your life easier.

Your time is valuable! We strive to streamline all of our process to save you time and money. We’re here to make your life a little easier. Whether it’s new products or on-time meetings, we want your interactions with UBank to be effortless.

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