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Financial Literacy

By UBank
Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Financial literacy is an acquired set of skills that allows one to make smart decisions with their money.

Don’t let the word “literacy” scare you though - understanding topics like credit, savings and cash flow are beneficial but still require a bit of learning. Anyone who has fully grasped financial literacy makes the right decisions with their money which in turn, leads to positive financial outcomes. Let us guide you to making your financial story a successful one!

Do you have personal financial goals & what do they look like?

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  • Specific - What do you want to accomplish?

  • Measurable - How will you know the goal is accomplished?

  • Achievable - Is this goal realistic?

  • Rewarding - Is this goal worth-while?

  • Trackable - What’s the target end-date for this goal?

It’s common knowledge that it’s important to save but it’s hard to do so when you don’t have specific SMART financial goals you’re reaching toward. We’re here to help you figure out what you want your goals to look like - big or small. Do you want to save up for the down payment on your first home or make sure your favorite monthly subscription box is worked into your budget? We can help you put together a financial plan that caters to your needs (and even wants!) specifically!

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Tips to improve your financial literacy:

  1. Create a monthly budget - to prevent overspending

  2. Start an emergency fund - set aside at least 3 months worth of savings in the event an emergency happens, like having to pay for a hefty medical bill

  3. Plan ahead for retirement -  the easiest way to start is with a retirement account and UBank can totally help with that as well

  4. Plan to pay off any debt - save yourself tons of money in interest

  5. Improve your credit score - another way to save on interest

Piecing together your financial puzzle can be, well, puzzling sometimes but thankfully, we have tools for that. Our online-banking, Card Valet, and e-statements can help you track your spending to identify where you may be overspending. Not to mention, our Relationship Bankers at any of our locations are always happy to help get you on the path to healthy financial habits and skills that bring a lifetime of money success. It’s just how we are Banking Made For You!

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