Employee Spotlights June 2021

By UBank
Monday, June 14, 2021

Employee Spotlights: June 2021

At UBank, we've worked hard to build a company culture that we're proud of!

With our 3 core values always in mind - common sense, consistency, and efficiency - our efforts are always centered around serving our customers well while simultaneously building an internal team of motivated, encouraging, hard-working people. We know that providing outstanding service to our customers starts with each individual employee, which is why we are focused on creating leaders at every level - whether you're a teller or a top level manager, we are always encouraging our team members to be leaders. As a team, we take satisfaction in the fact that we have built a positive environment for all UBank employees to grow and prosper within their roles with respect, dignity, and a passion for success. As we grow, we will always remember to recognize and reward those that consistently achieve excellence. With that being said, we would like to introduce you to a few stand-up people that are committed to making sure your banking experience is a great one! These individuals continually go above and beyond every day, so we're thrilled to get to introduce them to you! 

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Lauren takes customer service to the next level and goes out of her way to ensure that the needs of all customers are met. She's a team-player, constant encourager, and faces each day with a positive mindset! Here's to you, Lauren - we are so lucky to have you!

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Gracie is a bright light at our Bullard branch every day! Although she hasn't been a part of the UBank family for very long, her willingness to learn never goes unnoticed. Gracie is passionate about customer service and is consistent with customer follow-up making her such a great asset to us! Round of applause for Gracie!

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If you know Jeremiah, you know he makes each and every customer feel welcome! In addition to his positive attitude, he's a proactive problem solver who always tackles any issue in the most efficient way possible. Jeremiah is consistently pushing his team to be better and coming up with new and innovative ideas to make the Nac branch the best it can be! Kudos to you, Jeremiah!

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Yazmin Ramos is another valuable member of our team! Being the lighthearted person that she is, Yazmin likes to have fun at work and you can feel the positivity and connection she cultivates with her team when you step into the Huntington branch. Thank you for alway being a bright spot in everyone's day, Yazmin!

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Raul is normally the first friendly face that greets you when you walk into the Tyler branch lobby! Raul's kind heart shines through in every interaction - customers and co-workers, alike. He is always willing to learn new things and isn't afraid to ask questions in order to fully understand how to help out in any way he can. We are so thankful to have you, Raul!

Teamwork is in the DNA of all we do here at UBank! We have seen first-hand how it gives insight into how others operate, improves efficiency, and encourages creative ideas. Plus, when you work as a team, you grow as an individual. We are so thankful for a hard-working team that goes above and beyond every day to build a company we are proud of! It’s just another way we are #BankingMadeForYou! To experience our outstanding team first-hand, stop into one of our 6 locations or see what others are saying about our top-notch customer service by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3w7xyjz

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