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Diving into Success: UBank's All-Star Swim Camp in Florida

By UBank
Friday, May 28, 2021

Ryan Lochte and Breeja Larson Make a Splash in Sunny South Florida For The All-Star Swim Camp. 

12-time Olympic medalist and World Champion Ryan Lochte, and Gold Medalist and World Champion Breeja Larson joined forces for the upcoming All-Star Swim Camp Series. 

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Presented by UBank, The All-Star Swim Camp consisted of full access into the professional and personal lives of Olympians granting an unprecedented level of immersion for campers.  

With a combined 150+ youth camps between the pair, Lochte and Larson provided first hand experiences, tutorials and techniques, and valuable insight to immediately improve in and out of the pool. Participants also received one on one interactions with the Olympians, offering a next level of inspiration and motivation not found in your run of the mill swim camp. All this culminated with friendly but competitive races putting all the skills taught to the test. 

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“Its really fantastic to see the competitive flame ignited in the kids getting to train and race against their idols. These are the superstars they watch at home and emulate giving first hand interaction and direction, something that will stick with them for a lifetime.” Said swim coordinator Salvador Perez. Interestingly enough, Lochte and Larson both attribute the pivotal moment in taking swimming to the next level to an interaction they had with former Olympians. 

The first rendition, this past weekend was filmed and produced by ProSport International and NBC Sports Olympics, powered by the coaching operations of Miami Swimming Academy, as a preview for the full international camp series set to debut this summer. The All-Star Swim Camp provides a 360 interactive experience uniting fans, athletes, and brands unlike any other. Each camp will have between 2 to 4 Olympians highlighting the stories and techniques that took them to the top. Taking place in different cities and countries across the globe, children of all walks of life will get a chance to train like the pros!

Alongside the filming production, the pair soaked in the sights and enjoyed a blissful stay in beautiful South Beach. Ryan and Breeja also had the opportunity to cruise aboard a luxury yacht to fully experience Miami’s breathtaking views from the water. They were then surprised with an exquisite dining experience onboard, catered by LeBasque. While discussing the camp to come, they watched the sunset behind the iconic downtown skyline.

A huge thank you to the sponsors and supporters that made this event possible: UBank, TYR Sports, BLK Water, LeBasque, Tru Niagen, Dr. Riggs Rhelief, Residence Yacht Club, GMCVB and The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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