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Take the next step in your business with an SBA loan.

Small businesses are the life-blood of the American economy, so we love helping fellow entrepreneurs  structure a loan that will help their business thrive. Small Business Administration and other government-guaranteed loans are available for your small business through UBank.

  • SBA 7(a), SBA 504... To Name A Few
    We'll find the right SBA loan for your business. Your local lender will suggest the SBA loan that's the right fit.
  • Fixed Or Variable Rates
  • Short Or Long Terms

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document checklist

SBA Loans

  1. Company Documents
    1. Certificate of Formation or Articles of Incorporation
    2. IRS Assignment of EIN 
    3. Company Agreement or Bylaws (Not required if single member)
    4. Driver's License for All Members or Managers
    5. SSN, Phone Number, and Email for All Members or Managers.
  2. Driver's License For All Guarantors
  3. 3 Years of Personal Tax Returns
  4. Personal Financial Statement
  5. 3 Years of Business Tax Returns
  6.  Balance Sheet & Income Statement For Business (Year to Date)
  7. Debt Schedule
  8. SBA Questionnaire
  9. Business Plan