Corporate Lending at UBank

Structuring loans that help your business grow. 

Lending that plans for the future.

Whether you just started your business or you need to restructure existing loans, UBank’s Corporate Lending program is here to help structure a loan made for you.

  • Buying Assets

    These loans are for:

    • New/Used Vehicles
    • New/Used Equipment
    • Fixtures, Machinery, & Computers
  • Buying Or Starting A New Business

    These loans can help with transiting a family business to new owners or providing capital to get a new one started.

  • Letters Of Credit

    These loans are for:

    • Residential Or Commercial Development
    • Oil & Gas 

Have questions about which loan is right for you? Call your local lender today! 

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Corporate Lending

  1. Company Documents
    1. Certificate of Formation or Articles of Incorporation
    2. IRS Assignment of EIN 
    3. Company Agreement or Bylaws (Not required if single member)
    4. Driver's License for All Members or Managers
    5. SSN, Phone Number, and Email for All Members or Managers.
  2. Current Debt Schedule
  3. Balance Sheet & Income Statement For Business (Year to Date)
  4. Last 3 Years of Tax Returns