Exploring Innovative Construction and Development Solutions

Need to renovate your home or build a new building for your business?

With a minimum loan amount of $50,000, we’re ready to get your construction and development started.

  • Minimum loan amount of $50,000.
  • Construction of single family residence to be sold as an investment.
  • Development of residential or commercial lots.
  • Quick draw process to make construction process smooth.

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document checklist

Construction & Development Loans 

  1. Company Documents
    1. Certificate of Formation or Articles of Incorporation
    2. IRS Assignment of EIN 
    3. Company Agreement or Bylaws (Not required if single member)
    4. Driver's License for All Members or Managers
    5. SSN, Phone Number, and Email for All Members or Managers.
  2. Driver's License For All Guarantors
  3. 3 Years of Personal Tax Returns
  4. 3 Years of Business Tax Returns
  5. Purchase Contract (If Purchase)
  6. Balance Sheet & Income Statement For Business (Year to Date)
  7. Debt Schedule
  8. Rent Rolls and/or Leases (If Applicable)
  9. Purchase Contract (If Applicable) 
  10. Construction Cost
  11. Construction Plan
  12. Contractor Agreement
  13. Projections
  14. Survey (If Applicable)


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