Hassle-Free Certificate of Deposit (CD) Options at UBank

Make your savings work for you!

Certificates are a safe and predictable way to grow your assets.

Just sit back and watch your savings grow.

  • Low Risk Investments
    CDs allow customers to deposit their funds into an account with a set term limit. These accounts are low risk because they're not tied to the stock market & are insured by the FDIC.
  • $500 Minimum Opening Balance
  • Terms From 30 Days to 5+ Years
    A penalty may be imposed on withdrawals before the maturity date, which is why we offer accounts starting as low as 30 days.
  • Monthly Interest Dividends Credited to Your Account, However You Choose


For example, your interest can be credited to your checking or savings account, or back into your CD to earn interest on your interest.


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Looking for other investment options?

We also offer three different IRA options and CDARS/ICS for high-volume business customers. Contact your relationship banker to learn more! 

This is banking made for you!