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COVID-19 Response

By UBank
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dear Friends & Family of UBank,

As I’m sure you’ve experienced by now, COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in ways we never anticipated. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a parent homeschooling your children, or a clerk at the local grocery store, my thoughts and prayers are with you. No one has been untouched by this disease, and we will be dealing with the ripple effects from this phenomenon for many months to come. While we continue to navigate the uncertainty of the situation on a daily basis, rest assured that the health and safety of our customers and employees is always our top priority. This is not a situation we take lightly, and we vow to do everything we can to keep our community safe.

During times like these, the relationship you have with your bank becomes even more important! Our mission is always to provide banking made for you, which is why we wanted to take a minute to remind you of all the ways you can get in touch with us.

Online & Mobile Banking

Our online and mobile banking services are your biggest asset during this time! If you’ve never used these services before, don’t worry - they’re super easy to use! And if you ever need help, you can call customer service at (936) 639-5566.

Online and mobile banking allow you to:

  • View account activity
  • Manage recurring payments through Bill Pay
  • Make transfers
  • Deposit checks

Be vigilant against cyber-crimes.
Remember that we will NEVER call, text, or email you asking for your account number, password, social security number, or any other sensitive information. If you receive a message like this, it is a fraudulent one and you should not share any information. If you receive a fraudulent message asking for this information, give us a call so we can be aware of the scam and notify other customers accordingly.

Protect your debit card!
With cyber-crimes at an unusually high rate during the COVID-19 crisis, one of the biggest liabilities is your debit card. The #1 way to be proactive against debit card fraud is to download our CardValet app! CardValet allows you to turn your card on/off remotely, receive text alerts for certain transactions, and customized transaction parameters.

Social Media

For the most updated information about lobby closures, mobile banking features, and much more, make sure to follow us on social media.


In order to keep our community safe, we’ve made the decision to close our lobbies through April 30th. But just because our lobbies are closed, that doesn’t mean the bank is!

  • Drive-Thrus - Open 7:30am-5:30pm Monday-Thursday, and 7:30am-6:00pm on Friday
  • ATM - Open 24hrs
  • Customer Service - (936) 639-5566
  • Phone Banking (check your balance via phone call) - (936) 639-5181

We have implemented extra cleaning procedures to ensure our lobbies, the ATMs, and teller tubes are sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines to protect both our employees and our customers.

Schedule A Meeting

If you want to meet with your banker, call (936) 639-5566 to speak with our customer service team to schedule an appointment. You can also call if you have questions about our online or mobile portal.

*Please note that we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes, so the wait time is longer than we’d like. We would greatly appreciate your patience during this time. For a no-wait experience, we urge you to try our online and mobile tools before calling.


As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we will keep all channels of communication open to ensure you are getting updated information as soon as possible. Even though we aren’t allowed to be within six feet of each other, don’t be a stranger! Message us on Facebook or comment on our Instagram posts - we love hearing from you!

While this season of business looks different than usual, we know that by banding together and supporting our communities in every way we can, we will make it through this. I am eagerly awaiting the day that our lobbies will be filled with our friends and family again, and we will get to shake hands, business as usual. But until then, stay home and be safe!

Shana De Paoli Signature

Shana De Paoli

CEO, UBank

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