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Discover the Power of Notifi Banking Alerts

By UBank
Monday, August 03, 2020

Notifi Banking Alerts

In a digital age of emails, text messages, reminders, push notifications, calendar requests and all your devices telling you when to eat, stand, and sleep is it really necessary to receive notifications regarding your bank account too?  We say YES!

Notifi Alerts allows you to maintain control of your spending, monitor for suspicious activity, and much more.  At UBank we believe banking is made for you and that mean’s banking online should be easy and valuable and notify Alerts is one way we help you bank easy.  With Alerts, you can receive automatic real-time text messages, push notifications, and emails when a direct deposit or other payment is received, if your balance falls below a certain level, or every time your debit card is used.  These are just a few of our alert options available.

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Signing up for Alerts is easy!

  1. Login to Online Banking through our website or using our mobile app.
  2. Select Manage Alerts
  3. Select the type of alert you want, as well as how you want to receive it, by text, by email or via push notifications through your UBank Mobile App.
  4. For added security purposes, there are some Alerts we will send to you automatically using the phone number or email you have provided. These Alerts include any changes to your User ID, password, security information, etc.

UBank text alert

What kind of alerts can I customize?

Security Alerts
  • Online banking password was changed
  • Online banking login was locked out
Balance Alerts
  • Account balance above/below threshold
  • Account in overdrawn status
Transaction Alerts
  • Transaction over/equal threshold amount
  • Check number XXX cleared
  • Credit/debit transaction was posted
Transfer Alerts
  • Outgoing transfer over threshold amount
  • Incoming transfer over threshold amount
  • Transfer failed
Certificate of Deposit Alerts
  • Time account was renewed CD is approaching maturity
Loan Alerts
  • Payment was posted to loan
  • Loan is past due
  • Loan payment is due

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