Need help choosing a bank account?

Look no further! Our Digital Account Finder was created to find the right banking solution for you.


It only takes 3 minutes: Answer a few quick questions about your life stage, spending habits, etc.,
and our Digital Account Finder will figure out which account is right for YOU. 

  • No Prior Banking Knowledge Required
    Banking terms can get confusing, which is why we don't expect you to know anything about the nitty-gritty details to open an account.
  • Ideal For First-Time Account Holders
    No need to waste time and energy trying to decipher which account is best for you... we'll walk you through it!
  • Expedites The Account Opening Process Because you've submitted a few key details about yourself before talking to our customer service team, they'll be able to give you info that's specific to your financial situation from the get-go.
  • Personalized Recommendations Without Visiting A Branch
  • Take The Quiz On Mobile & Desktop Browsers


Take the quiz.

Step #1

Personal Accounts: By answering 7 simple questions, we'll recommend both a Checking & Savings based on your life stage, spending habits, etc. 

Business Accounts: Answering 8 simple questions about your business will give us an idea of which checking account and Treasury Management tools you'll need (payroll solutions, sweeps, etc.), all depending on the size/structure of your business. 

submit your RESULTS.

Step #2

After you've gotten the recommendations for which accounts or business tools are best for YOU, just click "Contact Me" to have one of our Customer Service team members reach out with next steps. At this point, you'll SUBMIT your contact information so that we can give you a call/email.

we'll do the rest.

Step #3

After submitting your results, our customer service team will reach out to you via phone or email (based on your preferences) to discuss opening those accounts. 

After we've received your info, we'll start working on all the back-end details and paperwork, which expedites the account opening process. 



Recommends Checking & Savings Account

Bank accounts are NOT one size fits all! We understand that the account you need varies significantly based on the stage of life that you and your family are in. 


Recommends Checking Account & Treasury Management Tools

The best part about the Business Account Finder is that it will recommend
Treasury Management tools that could streamline your cashflow without impacting your business's bottom line. Read more about Treasury Management here.

Yes, it's really that easy!

After you submit your info, we'll do all the heavy lifting.
That's banking made for you. 

This is banking made for you.